How to Get Affordable Child Health Insurance in California

More than one million children in California do not have health insurance. That means these children may be lacking basic well-baby care, vaccinations, and dental care, not to mention necessary care during an illness. Here are the options that are available for affordable child health insurance in California.

Employer Insurance

Most Californians receive coverage through their employers. This is the most economical form of insurance, as the employer usually pays part of the premium. However, small companies may not be able to offer affordable coverage to their employees.

Government Assistance

The California state government offers several programs to help families afford health care for their children:

* Medi-Cal is a public health care program for low-income children and families. It provides free comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage.

* The Healthy Families Program provides low-cost health, dental, and vision coverage to children whose families do not qualify for Medi-Cal but cannot afford other health care coverage.

* Some local coalitions offer health care programs to families that do not qualify for either of these programs.

For more information on these state-sponsored programs visit the California Department of Insurance.

Private Insurance

While this is the most expensive form of coverage, it’s the choice for over 600,000 Californians and may be your best choice. You have many options to choose from, including HMOs, PPOs, POSs and traditional fee-for-service (indemnity) plans

To find affordable private insurance, begin your search by going to an insurance comparison website. This type of website makes it fast and easy for you to get and compare quotes from different companies. All you do is fill out one simple form with information about yourself and your insurance needs. Once the form is completed, you’ll soon begin to receive quotes from multiple A-rated companies (see link below).

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Child Health Insurance – How to Get the Best Rate

From well-baby checks and vaccinations to ear infections and strep throats, kids spend a lot of time at the doctor’s office – even healthy kids. That is why you need health insurance for your child. How can you get the best rate for health insurance for your child? Here’s how …

Your Health Insurance Options

If you’re lucky, your employer will offer health insurance you can purchase that will cover you and your family. Alternatively, you may qualify for public health insurance programs offered through the government. But if your employer doesn’t offer insurance and you don’t qualify for public insurance, you’ll need to purchase private health insurance for your child.

Find the Best Rates

Private health insurance can be expensive. To help you get the best rate for your child health insurance, visit an insurance comparison website. On such a website, you can complete one simple form and get fast quotes from multiple A-rated health insurance companies.

The best websites even let you talk with insurance professionals online so you can ask questions and make sure you choose the best health insurance for your child. (See link below.)

Compare Plans

Once you have quotes from multiple health insurance companies, you can compare them to find out which is the best for your child. In addition to looking at which company offers the lowest rate, consider the following questions:

* Does the insurance cover well-baby and well-child visits and regular vaccinations?

* Does the insurance offer basic coverage only (hospitalization and inpatient /outpatient surgery), or does it also cover such items as doctor visits, preventative care, and prescriptions.

* Are dental and vision coverage included?

* What is the deductible and co-pay?

* Does your preferred doctor and hospital accept this insurance?

* Are there any limits on how much the insurance company will pay annually or over your child’s lifetime?

* If your child has any pre-existing conditions, will this insurance company cover treatment for it?